Are You an Experienced Specialized Translator or Proofreader?


We are always looking for translators and proofreaders who are educated and experienced in translation and proofreading.


Our team consists of in-house translators and proofreaders with university degrees in translation fields.


If you are a freelance translator or proofreader working in English, French, Farsi (Persian), German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Kurdish, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, and Swedish languages and like to establish a long-term cooperation, we are interested in working with you.


To ensure high quality translation products, you must be efficient, professional, and be able to handle projects within a specific time determined by the project manager.


        Translators and proofreaders must have the following qualifications:

        • University degree, at least MA degree, in the field of translation;
        • At least five years of professional experience;
        • Being native to the target language;
        • Provide at least two professional references;
        • Provide a resume showing their personal, experience, and educational information.


Please complete the following fields and include as much as information as possible. Your CV/resume must contain more detailed information about your experience that is necessary to know for your recruitment.

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