thesis into a journal article

Turing a thesis into a journal article

Turing a thesis into a journal article

Deriving an article from your thesis is probably the first work you as a graduate student publish in a journal. Of course, your published article makes it accessible to others interested in that subject matter. One of the important ways to share results of the research is to publish its findings. The structure of a thesis, however, is different from that of an article. You can find some of the most important differences below.

Differences between a thesis and a journal article

Writing an article is not that simply to cut and paste some parts of the thesis. Because the format of a thesis is totally different from that of a journal article. The audience of a thesis is also not the same as that of an article. A thesis is examined by the student’s advisor professor, consulting professor and maybe one or two referees. So, students should convince these people that they have become proficient at the research techniques and methods. This results in incorporating lots of details in the thesis and doing some tasks repeatedly. However, the audience of a journal article are wider and looking for some trustworthy and reliable arguments and findings and do not have to do with the methodology of the research.

Other differences between a thesis and a journal article are as follows:

  • The abstract and introduction of a thesis are much shorter than those of an article. You usually bring the literature of a given field in the introduction of a thesis. In a research article or journal article, however, you assume that your target readership is familiar with the subject matter and have the necessary knowledge to understand it. Therefore, the introduction of an article is more specific to the research results that you are willing to introduce.
  • In theses, the results section involves all the research findings, which may fall into two or more papers. Whilst, you should only discuss those results that support the research hypothesis in the results section of a journal article.
  • As the results of an article are more limited than those in a thesis or dissertation, the discussions in an article also will be much shorter and more focused.
  • Last but not the least, you should list only references of the citations mentioned in the article in the references section.

You may be able to derive several articles out of your thesis or dissertation. Your advisor professor can help you with choosing those articles that discuss new findings, methods or framework, or even theories. There are several steps involved in turning a thesis into an article:

  • Choosing the author(s) of the journal article
  • Planning the different parts of the article
  • Choosing a journal with the appropriate readership
  • Writing the article
  • Reviewing the article before submission

Choosing the author(s) of the article

The selected author must be actively contributed to the article. You should decide whether your advisor professor is included in the article as an author. If so, you need to agree which name should be written as the principal author. The principal author of a journal article is usually mentioned first in different fields of study.


Planning the different parts of a journal article

When you are writing a journal article, you must focus on a single purpose as the main message of the article. The main message of your article could be a new method, a new theory, or new findings. Then, develop you article outline according to the main message as follows:

  • Decide about the size or volume of the article
  • Set your argument(s) coherently
  • Give reasons for your argument(s)
  • Address the journal readership
  • Follow the format for an article

Choosing a journal with the appropriate readership

It is very important to select an appropriate journal. The selected journal should target appropriate readership and be accessible to them. You should answer to the following questions while selecting a journal:

Once you select a journal, you need to think about the audience and aims. You should decide whether your article is a report, a review, or a critique. What is the importance of your article? Does it add value to the discipline?

Writing the article

In order to shorten your thesis to turn it into a journal article, you should derive the data that answers only one research question. This can help you present more focused information. Appropriate language and structure are crucial; Otherwise, reviewers may reject your article despite its valuable data.

Consider the following items in your mind when writing a journal article:

  • Using the format and criteria on which the reviewers of your selected journal will focus.
  • Editing the article as if you were a third person, not the author.
  • Asking a friend to read it and talking about mistakes, if any.
  • Getting an editor or proofreader to edit it in terms of grammar, spelling, and language. In this regard, the TranslateTrue translation center will accompany you.

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